How to Install android Apps on Your New BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry’s new app store — referred to as BlackBerry World — has debuted for brand new BlackBerry ten handsets just like the Z10 (which I told you a couple of few weeks ago). the shop has a powerful seventy,000 apps, however nevertheless, that’s a way cry from the over 700,000 that area unit on the market for phones like android and iOS.

Thankfully, you’ll be able to truly install some android apps on your shot ten device while not a lot of effort. Our friends at CrackBerry recently announce a valuable guide, so I’ll riff thereon to steer you thru the steps for putting in android apps on a BlackBerry ten device employing a mackintosh. And fret not: The laptop directions area unit simple to search out on-line, too.

Keep in mind merely|that you just} can’t simply install Associate in Nursing android APK file, that is that the file needed to put in Associate in Nursing application on Associate in Nursing android phone. Instead, Blackberry ten depends on a .BAR file. however that’s okay: lots of in style apps have already been reborn. a straightforward Google explore for Associate in Nursing android app followed by “. BAR” ought to give the link you wish. Here’s the one for Google Maps, for instance.

These steps would possibly look a bit daunting, however they’re pretty simple to try to to — simply provides it a shot!

Step 1: Before we have a tendency to start, you’ll got to make certain you’ve put in the special BlackBerry PlayBook app (that’s the BlackBerry’s pill code that’s capable of running android apps) on your mackintosh. you’ll be able to notice the tools on Hatax. unfasten the file and install it anyplace.

Step 2: Open the folder {that you|that you simply|that you simply} just unzipped, copy the files within the lib folder, and paste them into your Playbook_Tools folder. simple as pie.

Step 3: make certain your BlackBerry Z10 is in Developer mode. (Don’t worry, you don’t even have to be a developer.) Here’s how: head over to the Settings menu then open Security and Privacy and easily faucet Development Mode to “On.” Set a positive identification and write it down.

Step 4: write the “Development information processing Address” listed within the menu beneath Development Mode. You’ll would like this later.

Step 5: Take the cable that came within the box along with your BlackBerry Z10 and plug it into the USB port on your mackintosh.

Step 6: Open Finder on your mackintosh (or merely head to the Search bar on the top-right of your screen). kind in “Terminal” and open it.

Step 7: In terminal, kind “cd platybook_tools” and so faucet your Enter key. Now, kind “java –Xmx512M –jar BarDeploy.jar –installApp – device [ENTER YOUR DEVICE information processing HERE] –password [ENTER YOUR positive identification HERE]” Enter your device information processing from the event mode settings and also the positive identification you set. Don’t use the brackets, and use the name of the .BAR file you’re attempting to put in. during this case, I used as Associate in Nursing example.

Step 8: disconnect your device and appearance on the phone for the appliance you only put in. It ought to be right there, able to roll.


One comment on “How to Install android Apps on Your New BlackBerry 10

  1. Halra
    April 23, 2014

    BB10 can install apk file?
    it’s great, i will have many apps on my BB10.
    thank youuu

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